14 January 2006

Reed's 2006 Calendar

If you like the pictures in the previous post, you can get copies of them (and 10 other great shots!) by ordering the Reed's Jazz and Supper Club 2006 Calendar at Lulu.com.

Reed's is an upscale Jazz club and restaurant in Austin, and it's a great place to visit if you're in town. It's open Monday through Saturday, except major holidays, and there's live Jazz every night.

The calendar is 13" by 19", spiral bound, and comes printed on heavyweight stock. It comes with US holidays and celestial events (equinoxes, solstices, etc...) indicated on the calendar grids.

This isn't precisely shameless self-promotion, since neither I nor Reed's make any money off the calendar - I used Lulu's "zero royalty" option. I produced the calendar because I enjoy taking pictures at Reed's and wanted to have a way to show them off, and because I was interested in whether Lulu.com could produce a high-quality photo calendar (I'm pretty happy).


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