04 August 2006

On Burton

It's always disconcerting to be discussed in public... Jamie's post touches all sorts of topics which hadn't even occurred to me. I suppose there's a lot that could be said about many of these topics, but the only thing I really want to say is that if you want to know why I chose The Burton Group as the next place to go, look here. If you haven't heard these folks speak, or read their reports, you have a treat coming. They're making a difference in the industry (SAML wouldn't have happened without them, for example), and I'm looking forward to pitching in and helping.


Blogger Harwick Family said...

Congrats on your new adventure< Bob. The Burton Group has a stable a stellar talent including, now, yourself. Best wishes.

Neighbor Brad Harwick

August 06, 2006 3:38 PM  

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