04 August 2006

On Burton

It's always disconcerting to be discussed in public... Jamie's post touches all sorts of topics which hadn't even occurred to me. I suppose there's a lot that could be said about many of these topics, but the only thing I really want to say is that if you want to know why I chose The Burton Group as the next place to go, look here. If you haven't heard these folks speak, or read their reports, you have a treat coming. They're making a difference in the industry (SAML wouldn't have happened without them, for example), and I'm looking forward to pitching in and helping.

01 August 2006

We Interrupt This Program...

As of today, I've moved from IBM to The Burton Group, where my job title will be Principal Analyst. I'll be working on Identity, Privacy, Security, and Risk Management. The views expressed here are still mine, and don't necessarily reflect the positions or opinions of either employer.